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"Mankind's history is war, peace is an illusion,

to turn illusion into reality is an arduous task."

Schneizel el Britannia
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Schneizel el Britannia
the second prince.


played by Eilidh @ loisneach
aim; loisneachbalgair


lelouch: the black chess piece
lelouch: what a whore
avalon, b facing, b), b], being miss. britannia, being prime minister, britannia, cambodia, carrying spare gloves, charisma from every pore, chess, chess pieces, clovis, copious gold braiding, cornelia, damocles, euphemia, fleija, forcing world peace, fucking you, fucking your boyfriend, fucking your girlfriend, fucking your sister, giving dad the finger, holy britannian empire, illegal moves, illegal moves as symbolism, kanon, kururugi, lelouch, like a boss, lloyd, magnificently bastarding, making pope suits sexy, not being geassd, planning, plotting, princing whitely, recording others, recording self, red wine, riding in carriages, secretly mocking odysseus, smiling winsomely, spamming nukes, strategy, surprise final boss form, way too many layers, whipping upstarts, white princing, world peace