Schneizel el Britannia (akingmuststand) wrote,
Schneizel el Britannia

25 ◦ [VIDEO]

[Schneizel’s expression is pensive, but the thoughtfulness is fairly light-hearted.]

I admit, I’m a little surprised. If I remember rightly, the summer solstice is an important time in folklore regarding fae. In fact, it’s one of the few things I clearly recall hearing.

Perhaps it’s important enough that we’ve been overlooked. Or perhaps the time shift is different. Or… perhaps there’s something planned for later.

[He seems to ponder this for a moment.

He continues in a more businesslike manner, but now he wears a small, cordial smile.]

Regardless, I have a two matters to bring up. The first is a reminder of our census. I’d like to ask our residents, both old and new, to take a look at it. I fear my brief sojourn home might have disrupted my work, but I should like to rectify that soon.

Furthermore, there’s the matter of the guide compiled by Thanatos and myself. I think it’s high time that this was brought up to date. In order to do so, I ask for your input. Are there any additional details that you would like to see added, to aid new arrivals or even those that have been here longer?

Please let me know. Thank you.
Tags: organizing like a boss, solstice, welcome committee?
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