Schneizel el Britannia (akingmuststand) wrote,
Schneizel el Britannia

24 ◦ [VIDEO]

[It's rare indeed to see any sort of mistake from Schneizel el Britannia, but it seems that on this occasion, he's been caught out. The screen shows the camera's view, pointing upwards at the night sky, bright with stars. Black and imposing against that backdrop, the pillars and high roof of the temple can just be seen.

And Schneizel, his gaze fixed elsewhere, looking like he has only just awoken.

Stranger still, perhaps, is the fact that he looks rather openly vexed, to say the least. His brow is knit, mouth set in a deep frown.

Suddenly, his expression changes to something far more recognisable - neutral, unfazed. He looks around himself, and it's then that his gaze falls to rest on the communicator.

The recording communicator.

He smiles pleasantly, if not a mite tired.]

Well, well. That was quite the welcome.
Tags: dramatic entrances are a forte, event: night mare
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