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[Schneizel has a small smile on his face, but it's a little sombre, a little grave when he speaks.] It seems that our losses have been tempered somewhat by our arrivals, once more. For those of you that are new, I am Prince Schneizel el Britannia. If you are curious about something here, or require some form of assistance, I would gladly do what I can to help. As it stands, there are some matters that I believe would be best attended to by all of us.

[Another curve of the mouth, and then on to business:]

Prior to Princess Zelda's disappearance, she and I had been discussing the prospect of holding a census. The information would be beneficial to those working in the village, giving us a clearer number and pool of information regarding fellow residents, and would also allow new arrivals to determine if they have friends already in the area. Furthermore, by studying the information we may be able to determine pattern or preference in the fae's selection of people.

I believe that by noting one's name, age, sex, race, and origins, we'd have a solid enough foundation to work from, and to notifty newcomers. Knowing our exact numbers would, of course, be beneficial when gathering resources.

If there are questions, comments, or concerns, I would be happy to discuss them. If opinion is favourable, this is something I'd like to implement in the next few weeks, and I would be willing to maintain it myself.

[He smiles, glances at another sheet of notes, and then addresses the viewer again.]

Onto another subject which concerns our community - earlier in the week the Town Hall was visited by a group of Fae known as Korreds. It may well be that others met with them - when I spoke to them myself, they held a proposition for us to consider. Apparently, they have the experience and resources needed to continue the renovations that we started in the village. The work would be done for a price, but they have left it in our hands to discuss what we might like to have them change.

The opportunity may require caution, but it certainly seems a worthwhile thing to consider.

[His lips quirk, bordering on amused, and he leans a little easier now, a soft sigh in his voice.]

Strange, to think that I've been in this place for a full year now.

((BACKDATED TO THE 2nd OF APRIL. Sorry it's backdated so far, guys! Between having to fight viruses/restore my laptop/RL stuff I've been AFK a lot.))
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