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Schneizel el Britannia
03 September 2011 @ 02:46 pm
It seems I was not quite cautious enough, lately. [The words are said with a small, rueful sigh - a haplessly amused sort of sound. A chess piece twirled in his fingers, he gives a small, sharp smile.] What an unsettling feeling! I suppose I might reiterate to our newcomers and residents alike that we must be ever mindful of the threat the fae's glamour can be.

Still, it's left me quite behind, I fear. I've quite a lot of work to catch up on. [Whereas before he seemed almost to be talking to himself, now he addresses the feed directly.] I'm putting together some information for residents and new arrivals about Demeleier, our last being sorely outdated. Therefore, if you have anything in particular that you believe should be included, please let me know.

[Another smile, this time more cordial.]

For those of you I have yet to introduce myself to, I apologise. I am Prince Schneizel el Britannia and, as someone who has been in Demeleier for a considerable length of time, I will do what I can to explain or answer questions. To the extent of what knowledge we have, of course.

[The chess piece is placed down and he laces his fingers.]

At the most recent Watch meeting there was discussion of a potential law system. I'm certain we'll explore the subject in more detail come this month's, though I feel it's an important matter to consider in the meantime. For these decisions that will impact the community as a whole, we must look to everyone for their stance and their beliefs. Division, of course, would be more damaging to us than anything else here.

[His lips curve into something gentler, more personal.]

But, regardless of that - Nunnally, I hope you're settling in well. And Valeria, I'd like to speak with you soon - whenever suits.

((So to explain how much of a flake I've been for the past little while - Schneizel's been disappearing at nights, basically. He's been stolen away by the fae and has been living it up with them at night, only to wake up every morning disorientated and exhausted, unable to focus on things, losing touch on what's going on in the place. He hasn't been able to remember what's been happening beyond a vague sense of unease.

The reason it's 'broken'? He saw the Queen when she came with the trees, which has freeeeeeed him from his period of uselessness (first person to make a battler joke can GET OUT) and so I shall also be less useless now. y e a h ))