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Schneizel el Britannia
12 September 2011 @ 02:59 pm
[The screen is dark for a moment, before the shroud - a hand - moves, flops aside. A white-clad shoulder shifts, a soft, sleepy mutter barely audible over the feed. The view is one from inside a croft, the sleeper just visible at the edge of the camera. He rolls onto his back, showing a mop of pale blond hair, but the angle is too awkward to see his face.

He's waking up. His eyes open, and then, audibly, his breath hitches, the exclamation of shock quiet and quick but definitely there. Abruptly, he sits bolt upright, and now he comes into view. It's Schneizel - there's really no doubt about that, though his shoulders are far less broad, his expression far less composed.

He mouths something, but it's impossible to discern what that something is. His brow knits into a frown. The Prince looks around, the shock and suspicion evident upon his face - until his eyes fall upon the communicator at his side.

Immediately, his demeanour shifts. His expression turns stoney and difficult to read, his guard going up like a wall that suddenly snaps into place. With narrowed eyes he picks it up and the feed goes dead.

For a minute or so.]

It's an interesting change of scene, certainly. Though I have to wonder about the practicality of the device.

It may well be foolish to ask why I'm here, so I'll disregard the question. Perhaps, instead, you'll tell me what I'm waiting for?

[y e p he thinks he's been kidnapped. SUCH IS THE LIFE OF A PRINCE.]

((Tags will come from inbrilliancy!))
Schneizel el Britannia
03 September 2011 @ 02:46 pm
It seems I was not quite cautious enough, lately. [The words are said with a small, rueful sigh - a haplessly amused sort of sound. A chess piece twirled in his fingers, he gives a small, sharp smile.] What an unsettling feeling! I suppose I might reiterate to our newcomers and residents alike that we must be ever mindful of the threat the fae's glamour can be.

Still, it's left me quite behind, I fear. I've quite a lot of work to catch up on. [Whereas before he seemed almost to be talking to himself, now he addresses the feed directly.] I'm putting together some information for residents and new arrivals about Demeleier, our last being sorely outdated. Therefore, if you have anything in particular that you believe should be included, please let me know.

[Another smile, this time more cordial.]

For those of you I have yet to introduce myself to, I apologise. I am Prince Schneizel el Britannia and, as someone who has been in Demeleier for a considerable length of time, I will do what I can to explain or answer questions. To the extent of what knowledge we have, of course.

[The chess piece is placed down and he laces his fingers.]

At the most recent Watch meeting there was discussion of a potential law system. I'm certain we'll explore the subject in more detail come this month's, though I feel it's an important matter to consider in the meantime. For these decisions that will impact the community as a whole, we must look to everyone for their stance and their beliefs. Division, of course, would be more damaging to us than anything else here.

[His lips curve into something gentler, more personal.]

But, regardless of that - Nunnally, I hope you're settling in well. And Valeria, I'd like to speak with you soon - whenever suits.

((So to explain how much of a flake I've been for the past little while - Schneizel's been disappearing at nights, basically. He's been stolen away by the fae and has been living it up with them at night, only to wake up every morning disorientated and exhausted, unable to focus on things, losing touch on what's going on in the place. He hasn't been able to remember what's been happening beyond a vague sense of unease.

The reason it's 'broken'? He saw the Queen when she came with the trees, which has freeeeeeed him from his period of uselessness (first person to make a battler joke can GET OUT) and so I shall also be less useless now. y e a h ))
Schneizel el Britannia
21 June 2011 @ 01:34 pm
[Schneizel’s expression is pensive, but the thoughtfulness is fairly light-hearted.]

I admit, I’m a little surprised. If I remember rightly, the summer solstice is an important time in folklore regarding fae. In fact, it’s one of the few things I clearly recall hearing.

Perhaps it’s important enough that we’ve been overlooked. Or perhaps the time shift is different. Or… perhaps there’s something planned for later.

[He seems to ponder this for a moment.

He continues in a more businesslike manner, but now he wears a small, cordial smile.]

Regardless, I have a two matters to bring up. The first is a reminder of our census. I’d like to ask our residents, both old and new, to take a look at it. I fear my brief sojourn home might have disrupted my work, but I should like to rectify that soon.

Furthermore, there’s the matter of the guide compiled by Thanatos and myself. I think it’s high time that this was brought up to date. In order to do so, I ask for your input. Are there any additional details that you would like to see added, to aid new arrivals or even those that have been here longer?

Please let me know. Thank you.
Schneizel el Britannia
03 June 2011 @ 11:27 pm
[It's rare indeed to see any sort of mistake from Schneizel el Britannia, but it seems that on this occasion, he's been caught out. The screen shows the camera's view, pointing upwards at the night sky, bright with stars. Black and imposing against that backdrop, the pillars and high roof of the temple can just be seen.

And Schneizel, his gaze fixed elsewhere, looking like he has only just awoken.

Stranger still, perhaps, is the fact that he looks rather openly vexed, to say the least. His brow is knit, mouth set in a deep frown.

Suddenly, his expression changes to something far more recognisable - neutral, unfazed. He looks around himself, and it's then that his gaze falls to rest on the communicator.

The recording communicator.

He smiles pleasantly, if not a mite tired.]

Well, well. That was quite the welcome.
Schneizel el Britannia
21 May 2011 @ 07:10 pm
((PLEASE NOTE: This post is available both in text and audio. The textbox at the end will come up as an attachment to those who choose audio.))

Our time here may range anywhere from days to years. During that time, we face considerable adversity. The hostility of the fae is a constant threat, but we must also contend with the maintenance of the village, and the gathering of food and other supplies enough for our population. Our success is just as volatile, and complacency is out of the question. Over time, Demeleier has decided that it is in its best interests to begin a census.
The information listed herein is designed to serve a number of purposes for the residents of Demeleier. Notably:
  • It will give us a better estimate of our numbers here, which will enable the community to be better served in terms of housing and supplies.
  • A greater understanding of the village's demographic, which may in turn allow us insight into our being brought here.
  • New arrivals will be able to see if there are people that they know already here.

This census is voluntary, but it is greatly encouraged that you provide at least the bare minimum of information. By cooperating with each other we will be far more able to look after the welfare of our community as a whole. Thus, information may be added by census maintainers - if you would specifically like to avoid this, please make it known here. The census itself will come in two formats - this post, viewable on the network, and a hard copy which will be kept in the Town Hall. Both will be available to anyone who would like to look.

What follows is a basic questionnaire we ask you to respond with. We ask for your name, age, sex, origin, and race. If you use an alias in place of a name, then that is acceptable, and titles you hold in your home world may also be relevant - as for the other pieces of information, they will aid us in seeing potential trends and patterns in the demographic. Note that race specifies species, origin specifies the region you've come to Demeleier from. Unspecified but also helpful may be some information about your occupation or trained skills. Demeleier is constantly in need of people of all skills and talents. If there are any answers you wish to omit, you may do so. If you are the guardian of a child, here, you may fill out the information for them.

If you have comments, questions, or concerns, about the census or about Demeleier as a whole, you are welcome to direct them here. Thank you.

((ALSO, this post is backdated to Thursday (bah) sorry about the wait.

Some other notes:

You can reply to this ICly, or just put all of your responses in one tag. If there's information that hasn't been stated canonly (such as age) then you're welcome to give an OOC estimate for it, and it'll be added in.))
Schneizel el Britannia
10 April 2011 @ 01:13 am
[Schneizel has a small smile on his face, but it's a little sombre, a little grave when he speaks.] It seems that our losses have been tempered somewhat by our arrivals, once more. For those of you that are new, I am Prince Schneizel el Britannia. If you are curious about something here, or require some form of assistance, I would gladly do what I can to help. As it stands, there are some matters that I believe would be best attended to by all of us.

[Another curve of the mouth, and then on to business:]

Prior to Princess Zelda's disappearance, she and I had been discussing the prospect of holding a census. The information would be beneficial to those working in the village, giving us a clearer number and pool of information regarding fellow residents, and would also allow new arrivals to determine if they have friends already in the area. Furthermore, by studying the information we may be able to determine pattern or preference in the fae's selection of people.

I believe that by noting one's name, age, sex, race, and origins, we'd have a solid enough foundation to work from, and to notifty newcomers. Knowing our exact numbers would, of course, be beneficial when gathering resources.

If there are questions, comments, or concerns, I would be happy to discuss them. If opinion is favourable, this is something I'd like to implement in the next few weeks, and I would be willing to maintain it myself.

[He smiles, glances at another sheet of notes, and then addresses the viewer again.]

Onto another subject which concerns our community - earlier in the week the Town Hall was visited by a group of Fae known as Korreds. It may well be that others met with them - when I spoke to them myself, they held a proposition for us to consider. Apparently, they have the experience and resources needed to continue the renovations that we started in the village. The work would be done for a price, but they have left it in our hands to discuss what we might like to have them change.

The opportunity may require caution, but it certainly seems a worthwhile thing to consider.

[His lips quirk, bordering on amused, and he leans a little easier now, a soft sigh in his voice.]

Strange, to think that I've been in this place for a full year now.

((BACKDATED TO THE 2nd OF APRIL. Sorry it's backdated so far, guys! Between having to fight viruses/restore my laptop/RL stuff I've been AFK a lot.))
Schneizel el Britannia
08 March 2011 @ 07:51 pm
As many of you are aware, there is one fae that resides in the inn's cupboard. He can be seen sitting there throughout the day - unless one opens the door. Additionally, he is only visible to younger people - children and teenagers, it seems, or the equivalent age groups in races that age differently.

The fae does not prove a threat for the most part, unless someone of such an age is out of bed past midnight. At midnight, it orders them to go to bed, and only they are capable of hearing it's voice - the rest of us may hear creaking wood, or quiet rustling. Shortly after this time, it issues a warning. If one does not heed the instruction and the warning, it will repeat it again. Those able to hear it will then feel a swiftly increasing sense of dread they cannot shake.

If both the warnings and the fear are ignored, then the fae will come and find those it deems to be breaking the rules. It will do this regardless of where someone is. Those exempt from the age group will not see it - though they may see strangely moving shadows instead.

The extent of what the fae will do is yet to be seen, but in the few previous instances that it has been encountered, it has reportedly attempted to drag people back with it.

However, the threat is not absolute. After all, the teenagers serving in the Watch have seldom been trouble when taking a shift at night.

It seems to be a matter of permission. With the help of Yosuke, I was able to put this to the test. It seems that if a victim is given permission to stay up later than midnight, they will be left alone and untroubled.

Unfortunately, it seems that this must be repeated nightly. One grant of permission will not keep someone safe for the duration of their stay here.

I suggest that those who will require to be without such a curfew contact someone above the age of twenty-one in advice. Notably, it did not seem to matter when the permission was received.

It is my hope that this information may be used to bring an end to the dangerous situations that have arisen involving that particular fae. As always, if anyone has any questions, I will do my best to answer them.
Schneizel el Britannia
01 March 2011 @ 10:47 pm
[The smile on the prince's face is a small, rather sombre one. The white wolf that usually sits by his side has been joined by a black one - some may recognize it as Val's pet, Geri. One gloved hand rests atop a small, leatherbound book, barely visible. His gaze is focused elsewhere for a moment, then flicks to the feed.]

It seems that Valeria has left our number once again, as well as the others.

[A thoughtful pause, his head tilting. Cornelia left behind no such relic as Valeria did, but she's still the one he thinks of.]

It does appear to be perfectly random, doesn't it? A shame that we are not better able to prepare ourselves. [He slides the little book out of sight, and instead eyes the chessboard set up before him, as if there was a game being played. But then his lips quirk again, and his chin comes to rest on his laced fingers.]

We can but face whatever lies ahead as it comes, can't we?

[Perhaps surprisingly, he doesn't sound bitter about this. In fact, grating as it is, it's almost refreshing.]

I wonder if someone might indulge me in a game? Lelouch - [And here the smile turns, nigh on imperceptibly, sharper.] - are you feeling more accepting of a challenge, now?


Your Highness,

[More purposeful now, though no more distanced.]

There's also the matter of the census for us to consider. Thanatos has proven more elusive even than he was usually known to be, at least, and the list as it stands is quite outdated. I propose that we take over such upkeep ourselves.

I'm curious - do our numbers remain steady, even in such flux?
[ BRITANNIANS // 95% ]
Strange, to think that at one point we formed the largest group of people here. [Poetic, in a way, but he doesn't share that passing thought.] One can't help but wonder how the board will turn next.
[ EUPHEMIA // 95% ]

[He smile grows a little warmer, a little softer.]

Little one, you've grown far too quiet of late.
Schneizel el Britannia
[LOCKED to the WATCH // 97%]

[Schneizel's countenance is grave, but calm.]

Valeria may be considered among our missing. Last night I was able to confirm my suspicions that she had been replaced by one of the fae. Some of you may recall this occuring with Myhrta and Thanatos - unfortunately, its purpose was not something I was able to determine. After its skin came in to contact with iron, it shrieked, stumbled away from me, and fled.

This leaves us with little more than speculation about the whereabouts of our own Valeria. If I remember rightly, past victims of such a masquerade had returned home, temporarily as it was. However, with such events as those concerning Mr. Seta and others in mind... I would be hesitant to write the occurence off entirely.


Guilford. [A nod, and then his demeanour shifts, almost imperceptibly. There may just be a little urgency in this.]

What more can you tell me now?

[He doesn't need to question if there is anything. He knows that there will, if nothing else, be a framework of ideas to work on, though knowing Guilford there may well be more.]
Schneizel el Britannia
08 January 2011 @ 03:01 am

[Schneizel seems to be sitting in his croft, alone. The prince's smile is a small, placid thing, but there is a soft hint of concern in his voice. Urgency, as if there is a pressing matter to attend to.]

There is something I wish to discuss with you at your earliest convenience. Face to face, if you will.